Sergei and Snezhana made Aliyah along with their daughters, Anastasia and Valeria.

Sergei tells their story:

“It is our dream to go to Israel. My wife has relatives who have been in Israel for more than 20 years. Our eldest daughter has already graduated from school and we decided that we need to go urgently. It is very hard to live in Ukraine in these times. There is some work around but it’s very low paid. This is why we thought we should take the chance to make Aliyah. We go on a program – we will first study Hebrew and then look for work. We want a normal life, without having to think about how we can survive! We want our daughters to settle down and have a good future with the chance for a better life.”

“Ezra International helped us very much with finances for documents, transport to the Consul and then to the airport on our departure day. Without your help there were many questions we could not have solved!! A heartfelt thank you for everything.”