Vira Tells her story: “My Dad made Aliyah twenty years ago and now is seriously ill and I am going to care for him. I am originally from Crimea and, due to the war and the occupation of Crimea, living there is getting worse every day.”

“My parents divorced when I was very small. My Dad’s name was not on my birth certificate and, basically, I grew up without him. Years have passed. Dad made Aliyah and joined the Police in Israel. He had to retire for health reasons – he was diagnosed with cancer. Dad lives alone as he didn’t remarry in Israel or build a family. Dad found me through the internet and relatives. He suggested that I do a DNA test in Israel, and through this the courts of the State of Israel gave me the right to repatriate. Sadly, to go to Israel and care for my Dad means leaving my mother who is still in Crimea.”

“My first goal is to support my Dad, but I really want to put down deep roots in Israel. I hope that Israel will accept me and that I can find my place there. I’m looking forward to the changes – I hope good changes – in my life!”

“Ezra International gave me many valuable tips for when I arrive in Israel which I hope will me avoid different problems. They helped me financially too. I met Ezra at a seminar organised by the Jewish Agency. I learned a lot about Ezra and its work, about the help they give to Olim. On the day of departure, they picked me in a minibus and took me, with all my luggage, to the airport. They unloaded everything and helped me bring it into the airport. Thank you so much. You are doing a very good, important thing!”

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