Ezra Canada uses Videos and audio to keep our partners informed and updated about the world of the Aliyah.
The final return of the Jewish people is happening right before our eyes. See for yourself!

Rev. Roy’s guest appearance on Ezra U.S. TV Show.”

Rev. Roy presents the Ezra Canada Infomercial “Out of Exile: Into The Promised Land.”

Rev. Roy interviewed on the Grace TV Network by Tim Story.

The 700 Club Canada visited Roy and Mariette Trepanier at their home to film an inspirational program featuring Mariette’s miraculous healing from leukemia.

The program aired on June 28, 2012. This video clip features that portion of the program covering Mariette’s healing.

Article: Mariette Trepanier’s Miracle Healing (PDF)

Rev. Roy’s radio interview on Joy 1250’s “Life Matters.”

Christian Radio – "Arise Brantford" – Rev. Roy's personal testimony and calling to Ezra Canada ministry. Click to play.