This is my dream – to live in Israel – and now it’s coming true!

“It is difficult when your daughter and grandchildren are so far away – but I always believed that we could be together. My own mother was left an orphan when she was 12 years old. The Nazis shot her parents and almost all of her relatives when they entered their village. Mom was able to hide in the neighbour’s basement and hid during all the troubles and survived.”

“At the beginning of the 90s our only daughter made Aliyah while she was still a very young girl. She did not return to Ukraine to live. She got married there, has a job and raises our grandchildren. My husband always opposed the idea of moving there despite the fact that his daughter urged him to do so. So, I have had to be patient.”

“I lived in Kiev with my husband but a year ago, I became a widow – my husband died of a heart attack. I was supported by my friends and our little dog. Of course, I grieved and missed my husband but, at the same time, I began collecting documents to go through the consular check. I opened my visa and now I’m going to Israel – and my little dog is coming too!”

“Ezra International gave me a lot of advice and helped me get to the airport with the dog. This was a huge support. I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who takes part in helping people like me to make Aliyah. For us this is a great support and inspiration. It is so unusual to find that someone cares about us.”

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