Pavel and Anzhelika K from Odessa

Nov 19, 2021 | Ukraine

The most precious thing in this life for me is my family.  I want to take care of my girls – my wife Anzhelika and my daughter Alina – so that they have a better life and that we have a future!”

“I was born and raised in Odessa by my mother and grandmother.  I often upset them by my behaviour – I must say that I was a naughty child right from the beginning!  As a teenager no-one could cope with me.  Unfortunately, I started smoking and drinking at a young age.  I was in bad company but thought it was a cool life.  When I was 20, I got married and then was divorced.  I did some bad things.  But events happened that sobered me up a little and I began to think about the meaning of my life after my grandmother died and after Mum died several months later.  I realized that they were the only people who really loved me and how much I’d hurt them over the years.   Then I met Anzhelika.  She was divorced, with a little 2-year-old daughter.  I fell in love with Anzhelika with all my soul and she answered me in return.  I broke off from all my friends and ended my old life.  Anzhelika and I got married and little Alina became my daughter.”

“We have now been together for 6 years and I’ve learned a lot in this time.  I began to value every day I spent with my girls.  Now I understand that I can’t provide them with everything necessary for a full life and that this situation needs to be changed.  I have the right to repatriate to Israel, but this had to be documented.  The search for documents took about a year.  When we received our visas to live in Israel it was an unforgettable moment and the most joyful experience.  We really want to leave and start a new life.  I want my family to be happy.”

“Ezra helped us with advice.  We were supported financially, which was very necessary.  We were able to get our passports and all the necessary certificates.  They also brought us to the airport.  It is a great joy for me that you helped my family to make our aliyah.  Your help is so important and valuable!  Thank you very much.”