Natalya tells the young couple’s story:

“My husband and I are a couple who love a challenge! We want to change our life. We have overcome a lot of stress and want to have a better life for our family. My grandmother always told me that Israel is our land. This childhood memory directed me to take these steps.”

“My husband, Dmitri, had a car accident some years ago and was in a coma for a while. He is doing much better now, but I think Israel will be like a new rehab for him. It will also be good for me to develop my career.”

“It’s difficult to leave.  I’m leaving the place where I grew up.  I’m leaving the land and people whose language I speak.  I’m leaving my friends and family members.  This is really stressful for me.  I want to cry …”

“Ezra was our strength in the document renewal process.  Ezra covered our expenses for translations, notary certification and apostille. They consulted us and showed us things we didn’t know in the Aliyah process. Ezra was our encouragement. What Ezra is doing is the best!! The representatives are so attentive and a big help in the process of collecting documents.  Thank you!”

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