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Stories From The Field

Stories of Jewish people we’ve helped make aliyah (emigrate to Israel).

November 15, 2017 - Olga K from St Petersburg

In October 2017 Ezra helped their first Oleh from St Petersburg. Our new representative, Dmitri, started work in September in that beautiful city, but also covering the large region around.

Olga had been planning to make her Aliyah for a long time already. She has visited Israel several times (at times for long stretches) and finally made the decision to move there permanently. Olga feels that there is nothing to hold her in Russia as almost all her friends have already made Aliyah a long time ago.

As Olga lived far from the centre she was very happy with Ezra’s help to take her – and her luggage – to the airport, saying “Thank you very much for your help.”

November 5, 2017 - Rudolf and Yulia P from St Petersburg

Rudolf and Yulia are among the first Olim Ezra has helped from St Petersburg. They are going to Israel to be closer to their younger son and grandchildren. Their older son is staying in St Petersburg and, of course, it’s hard for them to leave him. Their hopes once in Israel are to see their grandchildren grow up and also to improve their own health.

Ezra helped them with their luggage – at home and at the airport. “Thank you very much for your help”, said Rudolf

October 15, 2017 - Elkham A from Baku

Elkham tells his story briefly:

You know, last year I met a girl and fell very much in love with her. But earlier this year, in February, she made Aliyah, flying out to Israel to be with her family. We corresponded and in the summer when she came back here with her family we got engaged and I decided to go to her in Israel and get married there.

I expect the best in Israel but I will miss my friends and loved ones who are staying here in Azerbaijan.

Ezra helped me with advice, organising documents, paying for excess luggage and with transport to the airport. Thank you for your help, your understanding and support. Thank you for everything!

October 5, 2017 - Agil and Kheiransa F from Agdash, Azerbaijank

Agil and Kheiransa have a very difficult life in Azerbaijan. They sent their son to Israel a year ago and Agil’s sister lives there. The couple decided to join them there – so making Aliyah is a reunification of their family. Agil’s sister encouraged the couple many times to make their Aliyah. Of course it’s also a bit difficult to leave as they grew up in Azerbaijan and it’s never easy to leave everything you are used to!

Agil says: “I had to come to the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Agency in Baku many times. Ezra helped pay for our transport, helped us to obtain documents, passports, transfers and transport to the Embassy. Thank you very much for your care and attention! Thank you for your help! May God give you and your families happiness and all the best!”.

September 15, 2017 - Lyudmilla R from Irkutsk

Lyudmilla is 68 years old and a chemistry teacher. She tells her story:

Our children made Aliyah in the 90’s – my son in 1992 and my daughter in 1994. They both left on Jewish Agency programs. So now I’m going to my relatives in Israel and I will help my daughter with her children.

I turned to Ezra for the first time when I went to the Consul in Novosibirsk although my friends had already given me calendars that Ezra produced. Ezra paid for my railway tickets and gave advice on how to prepare for the meeting with the Consul. When I received my visa I asked Ezra to take me to the airport because I was leaving at night. Actually they took me to the airport twice because my flight was detained for almost five hours! They took me home again so that I could rest. They also helped us all to get our luggage.

You do great work! Thank you very much for all the support. Without your help it would have been much more difficult for me.

September 5, 2017 - Yulia and Evgenii Z from Dnepr

Yulia and Evgenii made Aliyah with their son, Nikita. The couple knew about the possibility of making Aliyah for a long time. So far life had been more or less stable and they didn’t want to leave although Yulia has many relatives from her father’s line who live in Israel already for a long time. Yulia has an older daughter – she is 4th generation and is 17 years old so she no longer falls under the law of return. She is studying at the Jewish Institute for girls here and it was necessary that she become independent in order to stay on here by herself. After a while Yulia and Evgenii will try to file documents for the restoration of the family.

The main reason for their decision to leave is that the couple want a better future for their son, Nikita – stability and a peaceful sky over their heads. They are tired of working here for only pennies which you can’t really call wages as they don’t allow you to live normally. They go to the city of Akko where they have friends. According to Yulia: We want to take a step into a new, very interesting life, as well as have the opportunity to make our live brighter and better.”

Yulia’s family did experience some anti-semitism. Yulia’s father had to change his name. At birth he was given the name ‘Moses’ and became Mikhail. His relatives were shot in Dnepropetrovsk at a place of mass shootings. In general a lot of family members were tortured and killed. Yulia was called ‘Jewess’ at school because of her appearance and there were many conflicts related to this.

Yulia and Evgenii heard about Ezra in the Jewish Agency and they are very grateful for all the help provided, for moral support, financial assistance and for helping them get to the airport with all their luggage. They fly out in great spirits, the only thing upsetting them is that their daughter is left here.

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