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Stories From The Field

Stories of Jewish people we’ve helped make aliyah (emigrate to Israel).

February 15, 2018 - Oleg and Viktoria T from Krivoi Rog

Oleg and Viktoria made Aliyah with their son, Daniil. Their story began with an invitation from the Jewish Agency to attend a meeting with representatives from different cities in Israel. They also visited relatives in Israel and liked it very much then – so the decision to make Aliyah was already ripening in their minds.

Oleg worked at a metallurgical factory and at this meeting there was a representative of the company ISCAR in Karmiel. ISCAR specialises in the production of carbide and ceramic cutting tools for the metalworking industry. Today ISCAR is a transnational company – one of the world leaders in the field of the production of innovative, high quality metal cutting tools. Knowing this information, Oleg and Viktoria did not think twice! They fell in love with Israel and its people very much. They were struck by everything – the way people relate to each other; the importance that’s given to an individual.

The couple expect stability in life and to have the opportunity to travel. The opportunity to give their son a good education is also a factor. It’s hard for Oleg and Viktoria to part with their relatives but they are already not only promising to come on a visit but also to make their Aliyah.

Viktoria and Oleg are very thankful to Ezra for help with transport – they were taken twice to Dnepr for consular checks and then, on the day of departure, to the airport. They were grateful too for the moral support and advice they received.

February 5, 2018 - Alexei and Irina K from Novosibirsk

Alexei and his wife Irina made Aliyah from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. They are going to Israel to help their daughter. Alexei tells their story:

We are making Aliyah in order to help our daughter, Anastasia, with her baby. Anastasia is going back to work and she wanted to send her daughter to a nursery. We decided to make this move and help her. Anastasia is our younger daughter. She travelled to Israel the first time on the ‘Taglit’ programme – and met a young man there. After that she went to study Hebrew for 8 months and decided to stay.

I experienced some anti-Semitism in my youth. I was born in Kazakhstan as my Father was evacuated there during the war. There was a lot of noise about railway construction at that time and I was very interested. I enrolled in the student department but I was rejected. The Chairman said: “Your surname is a Jewish surname. We don’t need you!” It was very insulting to me, especially as my grandfather Mark fought in the World War as a Colonel.

Ezra came to our home and took us to the airport – late at night. They helped us to pack our luggage and bring it right to the check in counter. We said our farewells there with words of encouragement.

We are feeling very calm. There’s nothing difficult for us in leaving here. Our elder daughter stays here but we will visit with Anastasia and our granddaughter.

Dear folks, thank you for your help in that uneasy task. It would have been impossible without you.

January 15, 2018 - Naila Ch from Baku, Azerbaijan

Naila made Aliyah towards the end of 2017. She tells her own story:

For me personally making Aliyah is very important – and it must be done! I have almost no one here in Azerbaijan and that’s why I decided to go to Israel. At least there I have relatives and friends. I can’t say much in advance but I think everything will be okay there – I expect a lot of good.

Ezra helped me with advice, with documents, transport to the Embassy and they helped with the excess luggage and with transport to the airport. I want to say thank you to all of you! Thank you for helping and supporting me. Thank you for everything you have done!

January 5, 2018 - Mikhail and Aleksandra L from Pitkyaranta (Saint Petersburg region)

In September 2017 Ezra started work in the St Petersburg region of Russia and at the end of the year Ezra International raised enough funds to buy a van for the work in that region. The van is currently on order and will increase our ability to help in that large region.

One of the families helped by Ezra at the end of 2017 was Mikhail and Aleksandra and their daughters – Diana and Leah. They see making Aliyah as an opportunity start a new life! A close family member lives in Israel and he has been calling for the family to leave Russia. Mikhail says that they want to be able to give their children a good education. It is hard to leave their friends behind and their mother.

It is a journey of about 370 km from their town to the airport in St Petersburg. The family had 16 pieces of luggage. Mikhail says: “We were only able to do this journey because Ezra helped us. You helped us a lot! Thank you very much.”

December 15, 2017 - Elena and Petr N from Odessa

In the middle of September Elena came into our office in Odessa along with her husband Petr. Elena’s arm was in a bandaged and she moved very carefully, supporting her hand. She sat down very cautiously at the edge of her chair. We assumed she’d broken her arm but, in fact, it was much worse. Elena’s shoulder blade is destroyed and her shoulder is collapsing. The couple came to us from the Jewish Agency who’d sent them to us for help. When I called the JA I was categorically told that they couldn’t send her to Israel without an accompanying doctor but they still needed confirmation from the airline that they would allow her to board the plane. They were also having to check with their head office in Jerusalem.

So daily talks with Jewish Agency began! The airline didn’t answer for a long time and then there was silence from Jerusalem (delays partly due to the holidays). Meanwhile, Elena’s condition was getting worse and worse. We found a doctor who could accompany her, provided a lot of documents from the doctors to the JA. Poor Elena was no longer getting out of bed because any movement was painful for her. She was prescribed painkillers, but they didn’t help. Things dragged on for exactly a month. Finally we made progress – a flight date was given! We bought tickets for the doctor there and back.

Together with the Doctor, I went to the couple’s home so that the Doctor could examine Elena before she left for Israel. Everyone was worried and nervous about how Elena would cope with the flight. The diagnosis was bone cancer which had completely destroyed her shoulder blade and was beginning to break down the shoulder joint. The doctors only shrugged their shoulders, not wanting to deal with her. Instead of chemotherapy, they injected glucose. When Petr checked what was in the drip he wasn’t allowed to go near it!! Others in the ward said the doctors weren’t doing anything and we were advised to take her from there and look for a normal doctor.

Petr was looking for ways to help his wife but they were running out of financial resources. Elena was sent home from hospital to “be sick at home”. Petr tried as much as possible to support his wife, finding medicines for her and controlling the intake of medicine. Then came the hope that doctors in Israel might be able to help so Petr and Elena applied to the JA and to Ezra.

We agreed an urgent appointment with the Consul for the couple and they were able to get their visas.

On the day of departure we needed an ambulance to take her to the flight but they all refused to carry her. After a long search a private clinic was found which provided a well equipped car and a good doctor. Everything was done very professionally. However, in the couple’s small apartment the stretchers couldn’t turn around! The driver, nurse and doctor neatly transferred Elena down to the street, laid her on a stretcher, covered her with a blanket and transferred her into the car. She was given an injection for pain. This helped Elena and she was even able to have a little nap! She got to the airport safely and the medical team waited until the last minute to ‘unload’ Elena to make it easier for her– three hours!

There was information that due to fog, the plane flying in from Israel may not be able to land – but in the end everything worked out well. Five minutes before the flight, the ambulance with the patient was allowed right on to the runway. We watched as the car was checked by the Border Guards and as the car drove to the plane. We blessed this flight and were happy that we managed to arrange everything. We stood at the airport believing that everything would go well because invisible eyes were watching everything and invisible hands accompanied Petr and Elea to their historical homeland. We also put our hope in the Israeli doctors and, above all, in God Himself.

A few days later Petr phoned and reported that the flight went well and that Elena was immediately taken to the hospital from the airport. The next morning she was examined and chemotherapy was prescribed. Now we are waiting to hear more from Petr and continue to pray for Elena’s recovery.

December 5, 2017 - Vsevolod B from Tiraspol, Pridnestrovia (Moldova)

Vsevolod tells his story:
I was born in 1965 in the city of Tiraspol. After graduating from high school in 1983, I was drafted into military service. After the army, since 1985, I went to work as a driver for a cotton mill in the city of Tiraspol. In 1987 I enrolled in the correspondence department in the Kishinev Polytechnic University, the Faculty of Mechanics for the specialty - automobile, automobile economy. In 1993 I graduated from there. In February 1994 I got married and on March 14, 1995 our son Vsevolod was born. Our marriage was quite short. In February 2000, we divorced, and Vsevolod stayed to live in my family, with me, with my parents. In the same year, 2000, I met my real destiny, Tatyana. It so happened that due to previous experiences neither of us wanted to hurry to get married again and we lived together in a civil marriage. And on February 1, 2001, our beloved daughter Maria was born to us. And, on March 11, 2005, my dad Samuel died of acute heart failure. On March 22, 2007, Tatyana died of the hepatitis B and D, and my daughter stayed with me. March 5, 2011 my mother died suddenly from acute heart failure ... It was all very difficult.

In 2012, the eldest son Vsevolod graduated from the school and entered the Maritime University of Ukraine in Odessa. In 2017 he graduated as the Bachelor of Engineering.

In 2014, we learned from our friends about the Jewish Agency. We were offered a test for the youth education program "NAALE". In 2016, having successfully passed the consular examination and testing, Maria went to study in Israel. Of course, very few people will believe that the father- as a man, can raise children and give them education, which in the future will be their support in life. Children are the most valuable asset; my biggest wealth is my family!

Left alone, I decided to repatriate to Israel. I constantly participated in all events, seminars, meetings of the JA in our region and Moldova. For three years. I collected documents and dealt with their legalization. I will tell you that this is one of the most difficult issues that I have come across. Large sums of material costs, which I never managed to cope with, if there were no "EZRA" Charity Fund and its wonderful, attentive, mandatory and detailed information manager Igor D and consultant Alla D (Igor’s wife). The JA and its coordinators constantly guided me and kept their hand on the pulse! I’m grateful to them too.

Probably, if the roads could speak, they would tell a lot. Now I'm on the threshold - the threshold of a meeting with my beloved daughter Maria. Parents and children should not be separated for long. Our common dream is to live together in the Promised Land. When I get there we will have dinner together - we will sit at the same table and it will be festive and so good that we will not be separated by a big distance; we will help each other get used to the new life we have been heading towards for so long.

Thank you and I bow low to everyone in respect.

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