A Word from Rev. Roy Trepanier

Ezra Canada is a ministry based on Isaiah 49:22, where God says. . .

"See, I will lift up my hand to the nations (Gentiles); they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders". This Scripture is saying that in the last days, God will use the Gentiles to bring His people back to Israel. The Gentiles are you and me, folks.

In God's economy, there are only two groups of people, Jews and Gentiles. If you are not one, you are the other. (A third group could be said to be the church, but it is made up of converted Jews and Gentiles, so we are back to two).

Ezra Canada partners with Ezra International in returning the Jews of the world to their Promised Land, Israel, rescuing them from poverty and persecution. This is known as the "Aliyah", and the Jews who make this decision to return to the land that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has promised them are called "Olim". In the past 16 years, Ezra has assisted some 70,000 of these precious people to finally "go home" after being "unwanted guests" in over 100 nations of the world for the last 2,000 years.

Have you ever been an "unwanted guest" somewhere? Have you ever felt "uncomfortable" in a strange house or in a different environment? Have you ever experienced the joy of "coming home" after a long trip or time away and just being happy to relax in the safety and comfort of familiar surroundings ? Imagine, (if you can), coming home after 2,000 years of being the "unwanted guest" somewhere else. Not just you, of course, but all of your relatives, your parents, your grandparents, their parents and grandparents and so forth, going back for 20 generations. (They are not "really" with you, but then again, they are, in your DNA). Now add to this "unwantedness" persecution, suffering, massacre and mayhem like no other people have ever experienced, by every nation that has existed over the centuries and you begin to scratch the surface of what the "apple of God's eye" has endured.

Although some Jews had begun to return as early as the late 1800's, the official Aliyah, (return) began in May of 1948 when the League of Nations (forerunner to the United Nations) approved the formation of the re-born State of Israel in the area known as Palestine. (Palestine is the English translation of the ancient word Philistia (Philistines), and denotes a particular area designated by the ancient Romans). With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989-90, almost 1.5 million Jews returned to their Promised land, exceeding the first "Exodus" some 20 centuries before. They have continued to return every year since, in fulfilment of numerous prophecies, like Ezekial 36:24.."I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land".

God also promises to "bless those who bless Israel", (Gen. 12:3...27:29 and Numbers 24:9), so I invite you to tour our site and consider getting in on some of God's promised blessings by hitting our "Donate" button above and becoming a supporter of Ezra Canada and the Jewish people and participating in actually fulfilling end-time prophecy. Time is running out and Israel needs Christian help, your help, more than ever.

"And Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel." (Numbers 24:1)


Rabbi Jonathon Cahn receiving Ezra Canada brochure/newsletter from Rev. Roy on his recent visit to Toronto.

Rev. Roy and Mariette Trepanier meeting Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and introducing her to Ezra Canada at Canada Christian College.

Ezra's Donors Accomplishments

Ezra's Donors Accomplishments

62,716 – Jewish People Ezra has helped to Israel – to Date.

47,525 – Jewish People Ezra is Currently Helping – Today.

404 – Jewish People Ezra Helped to Israel – Last Month (196 from Ukraine).

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God is at the center of it all and He is reaching out to the four corners of the earth. He is re-gathering His people back to Israel and you can help provide a light to show the way home.

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